About Us

About Us

Nativus Group unites companies working in the field of novel medicinal and therapeutic compound research, development, production and marketing.

Our Work

Our work is focused on natural compounds found in plants that are finally regaining the well-deserved attention.

We understand the potential

These compounds are only now coming into the spotlight and an overwhelming amount of scientific research indicates their vast potential to treat a number of the most pressing physical and mental ailments, including, among others, depression, anxiety, sleeplessness, pain and inflammation.


Sanobiotec – the research and development company of Nativus Group that identifies, develops and produces cannabinoids and flavonoids. We focus on minor cannabinoids which have a vast potential but are neither available on the market nor sufficiently researched.


We focus on the quality of the compounds we produce to ensure that their stability, solubility, purity and bioavailability meets the strictest criteria of pharmaceutical industry.


Our activities do not end with the production of highest quality cannabinoids – together with the region’s leading academic institutions we conduct scientific research in order to determine the potential benefits of these compounds for treatment, prevention and management of cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.


In order to be able to offer a full range of compounds, we not only extract and purify the desired compounds – we can also produce fully synthetic or semi-synthetic compounds.


Combining our state-of-the-art equipment and the top talent, we can research, develop and produce any compounds found in cannabis or other plants


NeuroStrain is developing a platform for production of biosynthetic psychoactive compounds, starting with psilocybin, using a proprietary strain of modified yeast.

We develop

The platform that we are developing allows us to produce a wide range of organic compounds that are found in nature with incredible precision. This is enabled by our unique know how of metabolic engineering.


This year a scientific study will commence that will study the anti-depressive effects of NeuroStrain produced psilocybin on rodents.


We are already choosing the next compounds to develop and produce, focusing on the ones with the most promising effects on some of the most pressing mental issues: addiction, PTSD, depression, anxiety, etc.


Nativus Trade markets and sells products developed and produced by Sanobiotec and Neurostrain. It is also developing an online sales and research platform for cannabinoids.

We identify

We identify the potential industries and companies that can benefit from our products, figure out the client’s needs and offer a comprehensive solution.

We educate

Due to the novel nature of our products many of our potential clients are not aware of the science-backed positive effects of the compounds we have developed, therefore we often educate and provide supporting evidence. Additionally, we can often offer novel compounds that enhance the specific effects of our clients’ products.

Our platform

We are also developing an online platform that will serve as a sales and education portal for our existing and potential clients.