About us

Neurostrain is a biotechnology company developing naturally occurring active compounds intended for treatment of neurological ailments. Using metabolic engineering and recombinant gene cloning techniques, we aim to develop yeast-based cellular biocatalytic systems optimized for production of compounds researched as breakthrough therapies for treatment of mental health problems and neurological diseases as well as promotion of overall wellness.

The production process of naturally occurring active compounds, such as tryptamine derivatives, from mushrooms and plants can be challenging as it requires long hours of cultivation and extraction, not always resulting in the desired yield and purity of the end product. Therefore, novel biotechnological production in recombinant organisms is an attractive alternative in terms of yield and overall costs.

Nature gave us plants and medicines to treat illnesses. We decided to give those medicines a new chance to be born in a biosynthetic environment.


To make it possible, we gathered highly experienced scientists and experts in the field. Our team consists of researchers in molecular biology, biotechnology, gene engineering, metabolic engineering, systems and synthetic biology.


Our goals and curiosity encompass the research areas of neuropsychopharmacology. Together with expert neurobiologists of the Life Science Centre of Vilnius University, we are conducting research projects for evaluation of psychoactive molecules in the treatment of depression and other neurological disorders.

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